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Feb 26

GreenScape of Green Avenue from Main to Grant Street

Posted on February 26, 2019 at 8:22 AM by Clara Siegele

In 2009 an ice storm destroyed the Bradford Pear Trees that lined the center of Green Avenue with an amazing spring display of blooms for a generation. The Rotary Club of Purcell had raised funds and provided labor for years to plant and maintain them until they were well established. The City Council wanted to replace the loss of such a striking attraction with a new sight that was appreciated by citizens and also visitors.

In 2012 the Council chose a cross-section of citizens from the four groups that are involved in community care and leadership: business, social services (churches, charity), education and government. These interests were to serve on the GreenScape Project Group. They were to select an architectural firm to work with them to design and guide the construction of the work. Guernsey Engineering, Architects and Landscaping put on paper a concept that the public was asked to view and make comments. After that input a final design was taken to the Council for their approval to give to ODOT to send out for construction bids. The bid was awarded for a cost of about $2.3 million, which ODOT contributed $1 million and the City of Purcell paid the balance. The contract was awarded and began in the spring of 2017. It was completed in September 2018.
  • Irrigation
  • Landscaping (Native Grass, Shrubs, Trees) of Medians
  • New Lighting
  • Sidewalks
  • Underground Electric Service to Lights
  • Walking and Bike Sidewalk