ODWC North Boat Ramp & Dock Project

An Opportunity with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Calling all fishermen!  We need your help and support to rehab one of our most used boat ramps at Purcell City Lake!

ODWC helps Purcell with the management of Purcell City Lake in several ways.  They help us with setting limits and sizes for fish conservation and increasing moss & aquatic plants in the lake to provide fish habitat.   ODWC also helps with restocking the lake with fish when conditions are ideal.

One of the ways that ODWC could help is through the Boating and Fishing Access Program.  This program can help our community pay for an upgrade to the boat ramp on the north side of Purcell City Lake.  Not only that, but we could have the opportunity to add a courtesy dock to improve the experience of people launching and loading their boats.  In addition to providing a great place to fish, the courtesy dock will allow persons of all physical abilities a chance to experience the lake safely.  It could add a parking area for vehicles.  One possible improvement could be the addition of a restroom.  All these items at the north boat ramp would also provide another trail head for our continuing Purcell City Lake Trail Project.

As always, public support is always needed. 

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